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The Real Book
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This is the "real" real book. The original one. There is a better printed one called The New Real Book. I use both but this one is cooler ;) The earlier editions are somewhat better with some cooler chord substitutions, but this will do just fine. If you wanna get into jazz then this is for you. You need this book. It contains all the great standard jazz tunes, both the chords and the melody and is the way that most people start getting afmiliar with the tunes. If you transcribe jazz it can be helpful to know what the original chords were before they got substituted... Wanna play jazz. Buy this now!


The Real Book is an alternative to the plethora of poorly designed, illegible, inaccurate and badly edited volumes which abound on the market today. Clear and accurate, the Real Book series aims to provide a selection of music that is both easy to read and enjoyable to perform.

Arranged for C instruments, this volume contains 400 songs, including Yesterday, Somebody Loves Me, ‘Round Midnight, Have You Met Miss Jones? and many more well-known tunes. 


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