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The JustinGuitar Rhythm Reading Book
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Following on from his hugely successful Beginner’s Course and his songbooks for Guitar, celebrated Guitar tutor Justin Sandercoe and his drummer friend also called Justin (Scott) have created a complete, progressive and easy-to-follow guide to mastering rhythm reading.

This book focuses on learning how to read (and play) rhythmic notation, an often overlooked part of learning how to read music and of great benefit to most guitarists. It is aimed at beginner to intermediate level and will help students to write, read and really understand rhythmic notation which has the added benefit of improving the students sense of rhythm and time in all aspects of their playing. This book contains an extensive series of gradually progressive practical exercises for students to work through and detailed lessons to help them make easy and solid progress to rhythm mastery!

Volume 2 will introduce the student to more complex rhythm subdivisions and new time signatures. Expected mid 2017.

The JustinGuitar Rhythm Reading Book
by Justin Sandercoe & Justin Scott
Spiral Bound
256 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-78558-368-1
Published 2016 by Music Sales

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