Jam Blues 3 Backing Tracks Download

  • Jam Blues 3 Backing Tracks Download

Jam Blues 3 Backing Tracks Download



These MP3 download jam tracks are designed for people who are learning to play Blues Lead Guitar. The best way is to be playing blues in a real band regularly, but most people don't have that luxury and also playing with backing track allows you to try out new things and not be scared if they sound bad!

I played all the guitar parts and my good friend and excellent bass player and rhythm guru Dave Marks  played bass and did the production and we had Owen Parker on Keys and Darby Todd on drums. We literally spent a day in studio jamming and recording these, was great fun!

There are 10 tracks in the styles of the great masters, I'm sure you'll figure out who is who :) I'm enjoying jamming with them, sure you will too!

1. Lonely J B Highway (Gbm Blues Backing Track)
2. Louisiana Swamp Grass (G Blues Backing Track)
3. Roy's Big Cannon (E Blues Backing Track)
4. Robbing the Poor Ford (Dm Blues Backing Track)
5. Stevie Proud of Ray (A Blues Backing Track)
6. Lizzy Got Thin (Am Blues Backing Track)
7. Maybelle Chuck (Bb Blues Backing Track)
8. A Carton of Larry's (G Blues Backing Track)
9. Mannish Waters (A Blues Backing Track)
10. Emerald Rory Boogie (A Blues Backing Track)



All content owned by Justin Sandercoe and Dave Marks ©2016. Guitars by Justin Sandercoe. Bass by Dave Marks. Drums by Darby Todd. Keyboards by Owen Parker.

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