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The JustinGuitar Intermediate Method Coursebook
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The ultimate book for progressing guitar players to move on from Beginner level! It's what you expect from justinguitar, a well structured and fun course for people who want to get into barre chords and beyond!

For those that prefer to use a paper book rather than an online course, then this is for you! Great for those (like me) that like to scribble notes on the pages as we learn stuff and believe that paper books somehow help with retaining information.

This is all the text from The Intermediate Method with 2 CDs of audio examples and pdf files for the practice routines.

Combined with the Intermediate Method 5 DVD set  you have all the info you would have in the online course!!

 Also available as part of a HEAVILY DISCOUNTED Bundle Pack.

Justinguitar Intermediate Method Book​
by Justin Sandercoe
Paperback ( with 2 x Audio CDs)
175 Pages
Published 2014 by Music Sales

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