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The JustinGuitar Gift Set
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This JustinGuitar giftset includes:

1) A JustinGuitar 4 Colour Pen (Blue, Black, Green, Red)
These are great for putting notes on your course book (you are taking notes aren't you?) and Justin loves these for adding 'harmonic analysis' to transcriptions!

2) A JustinGuitar Mechanical Pencil, must have tool for transcribers!

3) JustinGuitar GrippX Picks: Red .50mm,Yellow .73mm and Blue 1.00mm

4) A Guitar Cleaning Cloth - Microfibre: 27cm x 45cm

5) An A5 size transparent polypropylene pencil case which is ideal for keeping a variety of guitar accessories together and may help stop the sock monster stealing your picks. Still be space in it for other accessories too of course.


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