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The JustinGuitar Beginner's Starter Pack Deluxe
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This starter pack 'deluxe' is the same as the regular starter pack but includes upgraded capo (to the tri-action), upgraded strap (with built in strap locks!) and the full range of thicknesses in the normal size pick range (6 picks) and EXP coated strings which last a lot longer than normal strings.

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This pack contains the following:

Beginner's Course ( 4 x DVD Set)
Strumming Techniques 1 DVD
Beginner's Coursebook with 2 CDs
Beginners Songbook 1
Practical Music Theory eBook (instant download)
Planet Waves NS Micro Headstock Tuner
Planet Lock Guitar Strap
D'Addario Tri Action Capo
D'Addario Pro Winder String Cutter
3 Sets of D'Addario EXP Electric Guitar Strings 10-46
OR - 3 Sets of D'Addario EXP Acoustic Guitar Strings 11-52
D'Addario Lemon Oil for fretboards
D'Addario Guitar Polish
Plane Waves Custom Series Guitar Cable 5ft
6 x Justinguitar Standard Picks .50,.60,.73,.88,1.0,1.14mm






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