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The JustinGuitar Beginner's Starter Pack Plus
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If you're really into the guitar and want a great start then this is for you! You get a great set of justinguitar beginner instructional books and DVDs and the essential accessories from D'Addario and Planet Waves! Click the links below for more info on each product! This is great value 

This pack contains:

    Beginner's Course ( 4 x DVD Set)
    Strumming Techniques 1 DVD
    Beginner's Coursebook with 2 CDs
    Beginners Songbook 1
    Practical Music Theory eBook (instant download)
    Planet Waves NS Micro Headstock Tuner
    Planet Waves Polypropylene Guitar Strap in Black
    NS Lite Capo
    D'Addario Pro Winder String Cutter
    2 Sets of D'Addario Electric EXL Guitar Strings 10-46 Gauge
    (OR 2 Sets of D'Addario EJ Acoustic Guitar Strings 11-52 Gauge
    D'Addario Lemon Oil for fretboards
    D'Addario Guitar Polish
    D'Addario Classic Series 5ft Guitar cable


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