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JustinGuitar GrippX Picks (pack of 6) - The Official Justinguitar Store

JustinGuitar GrippX Standard Picks (pack of 6)
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These picks are the standard pick shape and come in 6 thicknesses. The picks are made from Delrin material and feel very similar to the Jim Dunlop Tortex type picks.

There are 3 shapes of picks in this range:

  • Standar Shape
You will get 6 picks of one thickness, OR a pack that includes a selection of each thickness in one style which is awesome for experimenting and finding out what pick works best for YOU!

Thickness Guide
.50mm (Red)
.60mm (Orange)
.73mm (Yellow)
.88mm (Green)
1.00mm (Blue)
1.14mm (Purple)

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