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The JustinGuitar 6 Songbook Set - The Official Justinguitar Store

The JustinGuitar 6 Songbook Set

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This package includes all the justinguitar songbooks, the two Beginner titles (which are awesome for all levels!) and the four Intermediate level books - and get free special delivery included (and a couple of picks!). That's 400 awesome songs to get stuck into and an amazing thing to have for parties, have your guests pick a song - they're bound to find somethng they like - and then you can all play and sing along!


For a complete song list for each book, check out the links below!

    The Beginner's Songbook
    The Beginner's Songbook - Volume 2
    The Pop Songbook
    The Acoustic Songbook
    The Rock Songbook
    The Vintage Songbook




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